Car Transportation and Storage Logistical Solutions

We have a fleet of modern transporters, which are capable of carrying up to 12 cars and light commercials throughout the UK mainland. Our experienced drivers ensure the safety of the vehicles at all times.

Comprehensive Fleet

  • A fleet of modern transporters capable of carrying up to 12 cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • We service the entire UK mainland.
  • Experienced drivers ensure the safety of vehicles at all times.

Secure Car Storage

  • The 10 acre site is covered by CCTV and security personel providing a protected area for storing customers vehicles.
  • Ideal location for re-distribution in the North East and Scotland.

Computer Controlled

  • Fully equipped traffic office utilising the latest computer systems.
  • Direct communication with drivers at all times.
  • POD Scanning.
  • Our entire fleet has satellite tracking and on-board CCTV.


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Job Vacancies

Here at Murray Hogg Haulage we are always looking for vibrant and experienced drivers in general haulage and car transporters.

Current Vacancies

Our History

Murray Hogg Haulage has a long and rich history in all aspects of transport and haulage.

Our History

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